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23 May, 2018
25° Celsius

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Danish politician compares Trump to Hitler … and Hitler wins

Niels Aalbæk Jensen, a member of the city council of the Sorø municipality for the left wing Alternativ party, compared US President… read more

The gap between rich and poor continues to widen

The number of economically poor Danes is rising – as is the number of people who have an ordinary income… read more

Drugs trade still flourishing in Christiania despite repeated police crack-downs

Copenhagen police conduct regular raids on Christiania’s Pusher Street but despite this, the appetite for illegal drugs continues unabated. If… read more

Crime News in Brief: Man pulls knife in Danish supermarket

A man tried to rob the Netto supermarket on Østergade in Assens on Tuesday. Assens is small town on the… read more

A bright future ahead for Danish Hockey

Sweden’s victory over Switzerland on Sunday night at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen saw the 2018 IIHF World Championships draw… read more


The master of all trades and jack of none

Asked to name the 17th century’s most important scientist, most people would reply Isaac Newton, maybe a few Robert Hook,… read more


Under the surface in the fourth cleanest city in the world

Cycling, recycling – Copenhageners are known worldwide for their many virtues, but visit a new flash exhibition called ‘Under the… read more

Copenhagen artist collective opening up its studios on Friday

The local artist’s collective KKT31 (Kunstnerkollektivet Tietgensgade 31) is inviting the public to an open house this Friday, May 25… read more

New exhibition explores the connection between art, photography and frocks

Seeing this new show comprised of enlarged photographs from the glossy fashion magazine Vogue triggered off a number of different… read more

On Screens: Nepotism, cronyism and car-shagging – happy days with George's mate

Ron Howard’s got good taste, right? We can trust him with an origins film about one of history’s most beloved… read more