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30 May, 2018
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Copenhagen named best city in the world for swimming

When it comes to going for a top swim in a city, legendary beaches like  Copacabana in Rio or Bondi… read more

Waste recycling a runaway success in Copenhagen

An evaluation of Copenhagen Municipality’s food waste recycling system reveals that 72 percent of a potential 530,000 Copenhageners are now… read more

Government seeks much greater mobility from job-seekers

“Go West, young man” was the advice given to newcomers to America in the 19th century if they were willing… read more

Sleeping with open windows is very bad for your health, research reveals

Marilyn Monroe is famous for saying that she only slept in Chanel No 5 but history doesn’t record whether she… read more

This sporting life – from lacrosse to rugby via roller skates

One of the best ways to settle into life in a new country and also meet new people is to… read more


Swan over: Why China ♥ Hans

It is perhaps not surprising given his enduring worldwide popularity, but Danish author Hans Christian Andersen also brings joy to… read more


Under the surface in the fourth cleanest city in the world

Cycling, recycling – Copenhageners are known worldwide for their many virtues, but visit a new flash exhibition called ‘Under the… read more

Concert Review: Eazy does it

G-Eazy is a true-to-life rock star who just happens to make hip-hop music. He is the definition of young and… read more

New exhibition explores the connection between art, photography and frocks

Seeing this new show comprised of enlarged photographs from the glossy fashion magazine Vogue triggered off a number of different… read more

On Screens: Nepotism, cronyism and car-shagging – happy days with George's mate

Ron Howard’s got good taste, right? We can trust him with an origins film about one of history’s most beloved… read more