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07 Jun, 2018
24° Celsius

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Another massive data centre heading to Denmark

Over the past few years, a number of massive IT firms such as Google, Facebook and Apple have purchased land… read more

Science News in Brief: Denmark's climate-friendly electricity record is incinerated

Denmark’s low ranking in the latest figures from Eurostat regarding climate-friendly electricity, which places the country in 32nd place out… read more

Denmark launches first LGBT action plan

For the first time ever, a Danish government has launched a LGBT action plan in a bid to prevent discrimination… read more

Danes were Christians long before Harald Bluetooth took the credit

Excavations carried out in the vicinity of Ribe Cathedral from 2008-2012 uncovered a graveyard containing around 3,000 bodies – and… read more

Bundesliga giant on the brink of signing Delaney for record fee

With the World Cup in Russia just around the corner, a certain player was missing from the Danish training camp… read more


Lad, Pheasant, Shooter Lars – when poachers were the pop stars

Poaching used to conjure up romanticised notions – for which you probably have to blame Robin Hood and his merry… read more


Move over Distortion, Copenhagen Stage is here!

June is Copenhagen’s best month. Summer, still in its infancy, hasn’t started resembling a disaster movie – yet. The foliage… read more

Performance review: ‘The Great Dictator’

The old adage goes don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Such words are of great relevance when someone decides… read more

Early-June Events: Embrace a city of bustling activity

Copenhagen Classico June 17; Dybbølsgade 59, Cph V; 99kr; If your idea of a bicycle race involves leisurely riding… read more

Kronborg Castle's interactive summer drama package continues to evolve

This week marks the start of Copenhagen Stage, with the capital offering a wide variety of theatre productions in both… read more