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14 Jun, 2018
21° Celsius

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The venues you Moscow to if you love the global game

Oh, those long halcyon evenings, luxuriating on the grass watching football with takeouts and substances normally taken home! With the… read more

Flu death toll in Denmark higher than normal

Not since 2010 have so many Danes died as a direct result of catching the flu. According to figures released… read more

Airliner forced to make emergency landing at Kastrup

A Boeing 737-300 from the budget airline Air Baltic that had taken off at 16:30 from Riga had to make… read more

Buyers beware: ecstasy and cocaine shots are getting purer and stronger

The strength of cocaine and ecstasy for sale illegally on the Danish market has been going up. According to the… read more

Paternity leave issue further divides red bloc

A new EU directive, expected to be implemented by most member states next week, has once again divided opinion among… read more


Lad, Pheasant, Shooter Lars – when poachers were the pop stars

Poaching used to conjure up romanticised notions – for which you probably have to blame Robin Hood and his merry… read more


Museums Corner: 24 hours in Copenhagen – family adventures around the city

Copenhagen is a family-friendly city. Everywhere you see parents with strollers playing with their kids at the local playgrounds, at… read more

CPH STAGE Performance Review: ‘The Great Dictator’

The old adage goes don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Such words are of great relevance when someone decides… read more

Move over Distortion, Copenhagen Stage is here!

June is Copenhagen’s best month. Summer, still in its infancy, hasn’t started resembling a disaster movie – yet. The foliage… read more

Kronborg Castle's interactive summer drama package continues to evolve

This week marks the start of Copenhagen Stage, with the capital offering a wide variety of theatre productions in both… read more