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03 Jul, 2018
28° Celsius

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July in Denmark offers a veritable feast for anyone interested in astronomy

June saw Sankt Hans and the summer solstice, so although it is not really noticeable yet, the nights are actually… read more

New energy agreement opens up for giant wind turbines on land

Wind turbines and wind power are increasingly being seen as vital to the move away from ‘dirty’ energy towards attaining… read more

PlayStations in prisons being confiscated due to abuse

‘All work and no play’ may make Jack a dull boy, but some prisoners may have to play less in… read more

Words from other languages becoming common in Denmark

The newly-released second volume of the book ‘Dansk Sprogshistorie’ (history of the Danish language) reveals the extent to which words… read more

Danish News in Brief: Would halving the number of unis benefit Denmark's research reputation?

Just over a decade ago, a series of mergers saw the country’s number of universities reduced from 12 to eight… read more


2018 WC: Denmark left to rue what could have been the luckiest draw of them all

Had Denmark beaten Croatia last night in the last-16 of the 2018 World Cup, they would have faced Russia in… read more


From the human jungle to deepest forest: the best of the fests

Music fans rejoice; it’s festival season at last. A time to abandon regular showers, sleeping hours, eating patterns and everyday… read more

Culture News in Brief: Leftfield to return with British LGBT play 'Queers'

Leftfield Theatre, which made its Copenhagen bow last year with an explosive production of ‘The Pillowman’, is remaining true to… read more

On Screens: He no longer wrestles humans, just forces of nature

Many fondly remember Brewster’s Millions – the Richard Pryor film that used to be on telly every other Saturday night… read more

Coming up Soon: English-language Danish church services, DR tours, pub quizzes and improv comedy

Have you ever wanted to experience a Danish church service? Here’s your chance, with Grundtvigs Church holding two services in… read more