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04 Jul, 2018
285° Celsius

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Beggars can't be choosers – especially if they are non-Danes

In June last year, the Danish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to pass a new law making it tougher on beggars. Anyone… read more

Online pushers deny culpability for drug overdoses

Online drug dealers deny any responsibility for what their product does to customers, DR Nyheder reports. “If I don’t sell… read more

Danske Bank laundered more money than previously thought, according to new leak

A new leak concerning transactions at Danske Bank’s Estonian department has suggested that the bank’s money laundering might be more… read more

Three sexual assaults at Roskilde Festival

Three cases of sexual assault have already been reported at the Roskilde Festival ahead of the music program starting today.… read more

Danish drought causing problems for animals and humans alike

Farmers are having difficulty getting enough food for their animals because of the recent hot, dry summer weather. The drought… read more


Roskilde 2018: Debo Band – at the intersection between politics, culture and … Ethiopia

Equality and space for all, everywhere, every time. If this sounds utopian – it’s because it is. Yet this very… read more


From the human jungle to deepest forest: the best of the fests

Music fans rejoice; it’s festival season at last. A time to abandon regular showers, sleeping hours, eating patterns and everyday… read more

Culture News in Brief: Leftfield to return with British LGBT play 'Queers'

Leftfield Theatre, which made its Copenhagen bow last year with an explosive production of ‘The Pillowman’, is remaining true to… read more

On Screens: He no longer wrestles humans, just forces of nature

Many fondly remember Brewster’s Millions – the Richard Pryor film that used to be on telly every other Saturday night… read more

The venues you Moscow to if you love the global game

Oh, those long halcyon evenings, luxuriating on the grass watching football with takeouts and substances normally taken home! With the… read more