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02 Sep, 2018
17° Celsius

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Not all Danes are so happy after all

A newly-published study ‘In the shadow of happiness’ carried out by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen reveals that although… read more

Denmark to deploy ship to assist French carrier group

The government has revealed it intends to turn to the navy as part of the Danish-French security co-operation next year.… read more

News in Digest: Heat turned up on Danske Bank

The public prosecutor for serious economic and international crime, SØIK, has launched a criminal investigation into money laundering allegations at… read more

News in Digest: No disputing the story of the summer

The recent rain and DMI’s promise we won’t have any more 25 degree-plus days has probably ruined this summer’s chances… read more

International News in Brief: Denmark unlikely to copy Sweden and ban kids from using solariums

Sweden has banned children from using solariums, but it is believed similar legislation won’t be adopted in Denmark. From September… read more


New look nation: a quarter of a century on from the cartoon that defined Danishness

The year 1992 was in the modern age, right? Sure, there was a tendency to overdo it with the white… read more


Culture News in Brief: Come together, Sir Paul urges Copenhagen

Somebody said Paul McCartney was dead … in 1966 two years after the Beatles (without Ringo Starr, who was in hospital)… read more

Performance Review: Unforgettable experience, but a game of two halves

‘Queers’ is almost brand new. The eight monologues charting a century of British LGBT history were penned last year, making… read more

Culture News in Brief: Another mermaid decapitated – this time in Kolding

Copenhagen can no longer claim to have the only mermaid sculpture that has lost its head on occasion. Søhavfruen, a… read more

Museums Corner: So much more than small beer

The Jacobsen family have left their fingerprints on Danish culture, and they’re particularly visible in Copenhagen. And no, we’re not… read more