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12 Sep, 2018
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Parliament's 700 million kroner offer to fund Greenland’s airports splits island's coalition

The government has offered to plough 700 million kroner into three airport projects in Greenland. If approved, the Danish state… read more

Good enough to eat: your dinner is in the printer

It’s a well-known phenomenon that sick people often lose their appetite for food. This applies especially to patients with cancer… read more

Denmark must do more to address suicidal thoughts among pre-teens and widowers

The number of calls received by BørneTelefonen from children aged 10-12 with suicidal thoughts more than doubled between 2013 and… read more

Local News in Brief: Country's most expensive incinerator closes down indefinitely

Denmark’s most expensive, eco-friendly and well-known incineration facility, Amager Bakke, has closed down its electricity and heat production indefinitely due to… read more

Politician condemns trebling of

As things currently stand, when you submit your application forms online for Danish citizenship you have to pay an administration… read more


Curio about Polish physicist's past bears a warning for the future

Anja C Andersen, a professor in astrophysics at the University of Copenhagen, has co-written a comic book based on Marie… read more


Performance Review: Getting personal with the Ironman of heavy metal

Bruce Dickinson is a superstar, and for many just seeing the Iron Maiden frontman in all his glory onstage would… read more

Van Gogh: An abundance of method – with no signs of madness

As is the case with Leonardo da Vinci or Andy Warhol, the work of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh… read more

Early-September Events: Book this date in their dairy

Arla Food Fest Sep 1-2, 10:00-18:00; Islands Brygge 22, Cph S Arla Food Fest is packed with surprising food experiences… read more