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Fit for Business: Define your Business and every area will improve

Broadens your taste buds, builds up a thirst for the next time (photo: Broaden & Build)
September 22nd, 2019 4:00 pm| by Ed Ley

The goal of a good restaurant is to provide food and drinks in a way that allows them to keep doing it.

The goal of an exceptional restaurant is to provide an experience that aligns with the values of the market it is seeking to serve.

The logical way to do this is for the founders to get really clear about their own values and what will allow them to share those values with the world.

Clarity from the creator
Broaden and Build, a restaurant out in Refshaleøen for example, is home to one of the world’s first sustainable breweries.

Full disclosure: I have been doing some work for its founder Matt Orlando, but this merely allows me to give a real world example.

Orlando has taken his own strong values and applied them to a restaurant. The clarity that this provides a business is staggering.

They know what their mission is every day, so they can make decisions more rapidly.

Inspirational authenticity
They know who they are and who they are not, which allows them to be 100 percent who they are and to not follow the crowd and become a ‘me too’ business, and end up becoming invisible.

Their values are like a beacon of light to all those who love both the cause and the creation of a dining experience, so they can attract amazing staff who are inspired every day.

Created by the same minds behind the world-renowned AMASS Restaurant, they provide an amazing but laid-back dining experience that is sustainable, unique and surprising. The clarity of these values allows them to be a magnet to all those customers who will eat there as a demonstration to the world of who they are.

Know who you are
Socrates is the man the internet most credits with the phrase “Know thy-self”, which seems like a lofty and esoteric request, but is actually a pretty straightforward process.

It is the process of sitting down with a pen and paper and writing down what you most value, so what you believe are the important things in life-like the planet, politics, war, love, family, health, business, wealth, connection etc.

Whether you want your business to show up more visibly – with clarity, confidence and direction – or whether you want that for yourself, it all begins with self-knowledge.

Fit for Business

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