Gang members sentenced in hash smuggling case

April 23rd, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

Police suspect that the 3.6 tonnes of hash was bound for Christiania

UPDATE, Apr 23 2012 – 9:55: Two Hells Angels members, a former member of the gang and one other individual were all given prison sentences on Friday for smuggling hash. The 53-year-old ringleader, Christian Firlings, received a five year sentence, while fellow Hells Angels member Michael Ingeman Holm received four years, and his brother Rene Holm, a former member of the biker gang, was sentenced to four years and six months. A fourth man, only identified as a 30-year-old, was given a three year and six month sentence.

ORIGINAL, Apr 18 2012 – 14:58: Two members of the Hells Angels and a former member of the club have confessed to the smuggling and possession of 3.6 tonnes of hash, bringing the total number of confessions to four.

The trial of the four individuals, including their 53-year-old leader, was cut by 17 days after they all confessed to possession and transportation of a little under a tonne of hash each.

“I am very happy that the individuals have decided to confess, apparently after I presented the case,” prosecutor Ulrik Sjølin said, according to metroXpress newspaper.

Police had gathered video surveillance of the four individuals storing the drugs at various locations.

The police’s gang unit, Task Force East, was responsible for carrying out the surveillance and according to metroXpress, the unit suspects that due to the sheer quantity of the drugs, they were bound for Christiania.

The police are hoping for a heavy sentence for the 53-year-old leader, who now risks losing a sports car, jewellery, a large amount of cash and a villa – assets previously justified as resulting from a large lottery win.


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