Scaffolding collapses, injures bicyclist

August 8th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

The Danish work environment authority is looking into how 10 metres of scaffolding collapsed in strong winds

An 18 year-old woman was injured yesterday in Copenhagen after scaffolding in front of Nørrebrogade 63 collapsed on top of her while she was bicycling past it.

The young woman’s injury is not life threatening, but she was taken to the city hospital where she was treated. She sustained a bruising of the brain and remained in hospital for the night as a precaution.

There were initially believed to be two people under the collapsed scaffolding as emergency units found two bicycles beneath the mangled debris of steel and wood. But it turns out that another woman had made a dramatic escape.

“We first thought that there were two people under the material because of the two bikes, and then we ascertained that one of the bikes had only been parked there,” Jens Kristensen, the duty chief of Copenhagen police, told the tabloid Ekstra Bladet. “But it turned out to be more dramatic than that. She somehow managed to hop off her bike and evade the falling scaffolding.”

According to the police, there were no witnesses to the falling construction material as the residents and people on the street first saw the incident after hearing the loud crash as it hit the ground.

The Danish work environment authority will, along with the scaffolding company, figure out whether to disassemble the rest of the scaffolding or somehow safely secure it to the building again.

It is believed that strong winds contributed to the collapse and as of 20:30 last night, Nørrebrogade was still blockaded between Kapelvej and Stengade.


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