This is no dream: they’re clearly heading for the top

***** (5 stars out of 6); November 20 at Pumpehuset

The Lucid Dream open the set behind flashing strobe lights and before you know it, you are already there, right in it with them, sweetly entangled in dreamy images, on a trip up north.

Formed in Carlisle in 2008, the psychedelic rock band (vocals & guitar: Mark Emmerson, guitar & vocals: Wayne Jefferson, bass & backing vocals: Mike Denton, drums: Luke Anderson) have a distinctive northern English sound – very Echo and the Bunnymen in their early days (think ‘Heaven up Here’) – and a lovely, bountiful vibe.

Great long passages of guitar noise with tons of reverb tie strong songs like ‘Hits Me Like I’m Stoned’, ‘Love In My Veins’, and ‘Heartbreak girl’ together.

Despite generations of musical references – Stone Roses, The Verve, Primal Scream, Jesus and the Mary Chain, T-Rex and The Beatles – The Lucid Dream still have an obvious space to fill.

This is their first European tour – they’re definitely one to look out for. I can see this band going a long way and have a feeling they may play Roskilde next year – if they do, don’t miss them.  

While they were the standout act at the Reverb Conspiracy gig at Pumpehuset last week, there was still plenty of other talent to admire on a night when the vibe master shone his cosmic light, as noise drone ‘n’ fuzz filled our ears and took us on a trip down acid road across memory lane.

The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the owners of the Austin Psych Fest record label, are a self-described “psychedelic noise experimental” that produces music and arranges gigs celebrating the darker side of Europe’s psychedelic rock scene. Along with Norwegian record label Fuzz Club Records, they have just finished an intense two-week European tour to promote their new album, ‘The Reverb Conspiracy’, a double LP on vinyl that was released on November 10, which is a compilation of songs by 19 bands from the darker side of Europe’s psychedelic rock scene.

Four of these joined The Lucid Dream on Tuesday: France’s Wall of Death, Iceland’s Singapore Sling and two Danish bands: the Copenhagen-based magic psych duo, The Wands, and Aalborg’s Get Your Gun, who opened proceedings with their dark sound and heavy riffs.

Wall of Death bring some intense organ playing. Clearly Pink Floyd-influenced, there’s lovely mellow parts of slide guitar, and their best moments evoke early Sort Sol and the Beatles.

The evening’s headliners, Singapore Sling, despite their 12-year long existence and six well received albums, had never played live in Denmark. But the expectations outshine the experience. Fashion rules the way: very glamorous looking, the rest is just not happening. Again the Jesus and the Mary Chain reference is strong – which is to be expected, as this band likes to play it cool. But if they could only hear themselves. Maybe it is just one of those nights. Some in the audience looked deeply puzzled, and some even insisted they loved it.

Towards the end of their set, Mark Emmerson from the Lucid Dream lent a hand with some severe reverb, so that the Singapore Sling could finish things off in the style they brought to the stage.

But while ‘Life is Killing my Rock n Roll’ is a cool track, overall it was disappointing.