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February 8th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

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Removing gap year won’t speed up students

Removing the extra 'gap year' allotted to students who receive the state-allocated student allowance SU won’t coerce them into completing their educations any faster, according to the Education Ministry advisory board, SU-rådet. Instead, SU-rådet contends that removing the SU gap year will result in more drop-outs and students forgoing an education altogether. The government is planning an SU reform expected to save the state two billion kroner a year. Some 600 million kroner could be saved by dropping the SU gap year. – Jyllands-Posten

KL head kept building plans under wraps

The mayor of Rødovre, Erik Nielsen (Socialdemokraterne), who is also the head of local government association KL, has admitted that he has been aware of plans to build a controversial high-rise building next to Damhussøen, an area protected by the nature conservation agency Danmarks Naturfredningsforening. Documents acquired by Politiken newspaper indicate that Nielsen knew of the plans despite denying their existence in April 2012. A local protest group has now accused Nielsen for lying about his knowledge of the project and trying to fast-track construction. – Politiken

Danes sneaking in to cinemas for free

Two of the biggest cinemas in Denmark often experience people attempting to cheat their way into seeing a film without a ticket, according to metroXpress newspaper. The newspaper spoke with CinemaxX and Palads cinemas in Copenhagen, both of which said that it is a widespread problem and that non-paying customers are caught trying the sneak in all the time. In Palads, cheats are forced to pay for their ticket or face being thrown out, but in CinemaxX the punishment is a 1,500 kroner fine. The cinemas reported that the problem persists across all age groups. – metroXpress

Stein Bagger back in business

Notorious defrauder Stein Bagger is back in business. According to Børsen newspaper, Bagger is working with two friends, René Andersen and Royne Carlsson, at the moving and storage company Dansk-Selfstorage.dk. Although Bagger is not allowed by law to own or operate a company, he is permitted to develop businesses and concepts.  The 45-year-old Bagger is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence, but has been allowed to take part in an internship programme at the company. – Børsen


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