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March 8th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

I’ve just watched the first two series of The Inbetweeners on Netflix. Given how short each episode is, it didn’t take me long. However, while it’s easy to watch, I’m not sure I’ll ever watch it again, like I would do The Office.

Potentially a classic, they ruin it with characters too unbelievably stupid. This might work in a mock-up of Elizabethan England, but not in a bog-standard school. We’re meant to fall in love with their comic flaws, but we’re being short-changed every time they conform to character.  

For example, why does Mr Porky Pie carry on telling fibs to people who never believe him? Why does Mr Shut Your Pie Hole keep talking when all he needs to do is shut it to lose his virginity? Why does Mr American Pie keep on taking advice off his idiotic friends? Why!? Because this is Planet Sitcom, and these are the rules.

Still, the comic beats are spot on. Providing you don’t mind relentless jokes about masturbation, you’ll laugh out loud a lot. And there’s the added bonus of seeing this depraved filth, made by Britain’s Channel Four, on Aunty Beeb. What were they thinking of? Your mother’s tits, probably.

But What if Women ruled the World? (BBC World, Sun 19:30). Would they stand for smut like that? Maybe, but are there any guarantees anything would change for the better, given it would need a totalitarian ‘Worm who Turned’ state to evolve to make it a reality. It is, sadly, just one of life’s throwaway lines.

Jason Becker - not dead yet (SVT1, Tue 22:00)Jason Becker – not dead yet is going nowhere. Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease aged 19, the rock star was told he wouldn’t make it past 25. But now 41, he continues to make music and inspire despite not being able to move or speak.

Elsewhere, 2010 National Geographic doc Inside the State Department (DR2, Sat 21:10) were granted greater access to the US secretary of state, in this case Hilary Clinton, than any other film crew in history; tune in to see whether Ireland’s most sacred sporting venue will ever recover from Westlife: The Farewell Tour – Live at Croke Park (DR3, Sat 22:10); while among the film premieres are Four Lions, Burlesque (TV3 Puls, Sat 20:00), Monsters (TV3+, Thu 23:45) and Salt (TV3, Sun 21:00). 


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