Electronic ticket of no use this morning

February 14th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Troubled rejsekort not working at any station

Commuters taking the train this morning will not be able to check in or out using their electronic ticket, rejsekort. According to DSB, the terminals are down at all stations due to technical problems. DSB says it is working on the issue, which was first reported early this morning. Although the company hopes to have the electronic ticket functioning again for train passengers this afternoon, bus passenegers may have to wait until tomorrow to use their rejsekort.

DSB was not sure how it would handle passengers travelling without a validated electronic ticket this morning. So far, it is advising passengers to purchase a ticket via the automats, train personnel  or via the DSB mobile app.

Sales of the klippekort, the familiar multi-ride bus and train ticket, are due to stop at the end of June. The klippekort was scheduled to be warehoused last year,  but problems with the rejsekort at that time gave the klippekort a one-year reprieve


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