Lego shareholder earns a billion kroner a month

May 12th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Lego owner Kirkbi has released its results for 2013, revealing sky-high profits

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s company, Kirkbi, owns 75 percent of the Lego toy company. It had a profit before tax of 11.9 billion kroner, this represents a significant increase against the 10.1 billion proner pre-tax profits earned in 2012.

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“The result is highly satisfactory and primarily achieved due to continued growth and yet another record profit in the Lego Group,” Søren Throrup Sørensen, the managing director of Kirkbi said in a press release.

Diverse portfolio
Kirkbi also owns 29.9 percent of Merlin Entertainments, which is the world’s second largest operator in the family entertainment and leisure park industry and owns the Lego theme parks.

“Merlin Entertainments plc continued the positive development and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in November 2013 with good interest,” Sørensen said.

In addition to investment in Lego and Merlin, Kirkbi has investments in the renewable energy field as well as a portfolio of property and financial instruments.

“Based on the good start to 2014 for both the Lego Group and our investment activities, the Kirkbi Group expects a satisfactory result in 2014,” the company wrote in the press release.



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