Copenhagen International School students head abroad

October 26th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

The educational philosophy at the Copenhagen International School (CIS) is clearly working well.  

Each year, CIS graduates leave Denmark to attend some of the world’s best universities. This year, the 59 CIS graduates from 2014 received offers from universities in 17 different countries.

Encouraging independence
Jessica Pointing, who has a Nigerian-British background, moved to the US in September to study physics at MIT after she scored a perfect 7 in each of her four Higher Level subjects.

“Coming to Copenhagen in 2010 was a bit of a cultural shock compared to England where I had lived most of my life,” said Pointing. 

“Schools in England are very strict and the teachers ‘manage’ everything for you. At CIS, I have learned to work independently and set goals for myself.”

Pointing said that her goal is to become a scientist and researcher and “make a difference to other people’s lives”.

Promoting cultural diversity
Armand Lambert was born in France and has lived in England and Denmark. He moved back to the UK last month to study economics at Cambridge University.

‘‘CIS breaks down a lot of barriers and at the same time promotes and celebrates cultural diversity,” said Lambert. “The Teachers at CIS are genuinely interested in their students, not only as students but as 

Where we all belong
Sohini Kumar was born in India and has lived in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. She moved to the UK in September to study English literature and creative writing at Warwick University. 

“At CIS we are a community and everybody is really accepting,” she said. “I sometimes feel a bit like an outsider in Denmark but at CIS I feel like I belong.”

Kumar said she hopes to become a writer, teacher or journalist.

The two CIS campuses are currently approaching capacity, which is primarily why the school is building a new campus in Nordhavn that is scheduled to open in 2016.


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