Danish confidence with police and courts at top

November 9th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Denmark continues to be a trusting and safe place according to survey

Among 23 European countries, Denmark is at the top when it comes to public confidence in the court system and police, according to a new report from the Justice Ministry’s research office.

“Danes rely heavily on the courts to treat everyone equally,” the ministry said in a press release. “In fact, Denmark is the country in Europe where trust in the judiciary is the fastest.”

The report also notes that the police enjoy a great trust from people in Denmark, coming in second only to Finland. And Denmark comes in second to Iceland as a country where people feel safest staying alone after dark.

Largely trusting and safe
“Danes are a safe people who largely do not fear violence and other crimes and I’m glad they have so much confidence in the courts and the police,” Mette Frederiksen, the justice minister, said.

“But there are still challenges that need to be taken seriously. We must not rest on our laurels because trust takes a long time to build and a short time to destroy,” she said.

According to the study, Danes continue to be in first place when it comes to their general trust in others, though older people express a greater trust in others than younger age groups. Danes have come in first place in this category in the previous five reports.

The findings are based on the European Social Survey, a comparative study of security, trust and attitude towards the police and judiciary system in 23 European countries. The study is conducted every two years and began in 2002. 


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