Copenhagen gets its first board game café

November 11th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

New coffee bar bans digital games and plays it old school

Denmark’s first café dedicated to board games will open in Copenhagen on Friday. 

The Bastard Café has over 500 games on its shelves and fresh coffee and other café fare on the menu. 

The one thing that it does not have – and that is strictly forbidden – is any sort of blooping or beeping digital game.

No Angry Birds
“Board games are a great reason to get together and meet new people,” café owner Bo Thomasen told Metroxpress.

“We want locals to stop by, even if they don’t necessarily play games at first.” 

Thomasen said that he was certain that board game enthusiasts will find a way to the café. The 500-game selection guarantees something for everyone, and there will be ‘game gurus’ on hand to help the uninitiated get started.

Handmade coffee
Thomasen has been working on opening the Bastard Café for a year and finally found a home for it at Huset Kbh on Rådhusstræde.

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Thomasen’s coffee-savvy sidekick Morten Schneider is building a custom espresso machine for the coffee shop.

“Of course we have to build our own espresso machine,” Schneider told Metroxpress. “It fits with the board game spirit of being creative and building.”

The Bastard Café opens on Friday at noon.


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