All hands to the pump to greet the Badass

December 4th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Hip-hop star already on his way to megastardom

Hailing from East Flatbush in Brooklyn, Bada$$ rose to fame following the positive reception to his debut mix-tape 1999 (2012), produced alongside his collective Pro Era (The Progressive Era).

Two years later – and still only 19 years of age – Joey has matured exponentially, evolving into a performer with an unparalleled skill set. 

Creating music clearly influenced by his upbringing in Bed Stuy, which was one of the least desirable neighbourhoods of Brooklyn during the ‘90s, Bada$$’s lyrics bleed the streets from every pore in every reference, anecdote and statement. They are all anchored to the reality he was faced with on a daily basis. 

Delivering each and every verse with a palpable sense of vigour, neatly layered on top of smoothly produced loops – those not made by Pro Era derive from sampling by the likes of master-beatsmiths MF Doom, Lord Finesse and the late J Dilla – Bada$$ has found an infalliable formula.

Having inevitably caught the world’s attention with the release of what is one of the most eagerly anticipated rap albums coming next year, Bada$$ is set to peak before his 21st birthday.

Following the critically acclaimed 1999 (2012) and Summer Knights (2013), his debut studio album B4.DA.$$ – scheduled for release in January 2015 – will include his megahit singles ‘Christ Conscious’ and ‘Big Dusty’ and is anticipated to create a shockwave across the blogosphere.

Way ahead of his time, Bada$$ is already a part of the sacred brotherhood of New York’s prestigious hip-hop history. 

 Joey Bada$$: Fri 5 Dec, 20:00; Pumpehuset; 235kr


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