Recurring revenue model becoming the norm for billing

January 30th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Falck choses cloud-based provider Aria Systems

From software to streaming, businesses are increasingly moving away from traditional billing models towards recurring revenue – typically with some variety of subscription. 

Aria Systems is a company capitalising on the paradigm shift. It provides a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) system and claims to help its clients accelerate their time-to-market whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. The Danish emergency and assistance company Falck has become the latest global brand to choose Aria’s services.

Flexible platform
Kasper Hundborg Hansen, the head of IT at Falck Assistance, emphasises the importance of the customer experience. 

“Aria helps Falck build upon our market-leading customer satisfaction,” he said. 

“With Aria, we will have a flexible monetisation platform that ensures that business units can launch new products at the speed required to better address customer needs and market opportunities, now and in the future.”

Big emphasis
Ric Vicari, a vice president for sales at Aria Systems who is responsible for the European market, said that Falck fitted the profile of Aria System’s target client. 

“Whereas most SaaS companies target their products to small and medium-sized companies, our focus is on large enterprises,” he said.

“TDC is another of our Danish clients, and we are in talks with a large media group.”

Nordic interest
Vicari explained that the recurring revenue model was becoming the new norm across the business spectrum, and that there was particular interest among the Nordic countries in Aria’s service. 

“The subscription model is replacing the transactional unit-selling model in almost every industry,” he said.

“We are experiencing incredible interest in the Nordic countries. Business leaders in these countries have been very responsive to SaaS.”

From invoicing to innovating
Vicari described how Aria’s technology has been applied innovatively in a number of industries in other countries, and he suggested that similar developments could come to Denmark. 


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