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February 1st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Automatic traffic control vehicles out in droves to catch speeding drivers

If you decide to take a Sunday drive today, then make sure to follow the law as the police decides to dispatch its speed cars on Danish roads.

The police are starting off the month by sending out 75 new speed vehicles along with 25 old and improved ones to snap photos of heavy-footed drivers, reports DR Nyheder.

Frank Mathiesen, the chief of the National Police Traffic Centre, tells DR that the intention of the action is not to fill the treasury with money from fines, but rather “to have fewer deaths and injuries on our roads”.

Though last year there were only 183 road deaths in Denmark, the second lowest number recorded, the goal is to continue to see that number decrease by at least half by 2020.

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“We try to place the cars where there are the most dangerous stretches, based on the assessment of where most accidents occur,” he told DR.

Beware the red flash
These 100 cars, which are disguised to look like normal cars, are equipped with built-in radars that can measure vehicles across four lanes at a rate of two per second.

If you speed past one of these cars you’ll notice a red flash indicating that you’ve just been caught and your license place has been photographed. If you were speeding up to 30 percent more than the limit then you will receive a fine in the mail. However, if your speed was above 30 percent you will receive a point on your license.


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