Vino at the chateau: Fine wines in the foothills of Piedmont

February 3rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

In safe hands with the God of Barolo

Located in the heart of the Barolo wine district in Piedmont is the House of Azienda Agricola Curto Marco. Currently run by the fourth generation of the same family the farm is both traditional and classic. The winery shares fields in La Morra, with ‘Arborina’ being its finest.

Niece and uncle partnership
Since the youngest daughter, Nadia Curto, stepped up as the new daily manager, the farm has received more attention in the wine-related press, both at home and abroad in recent years. Her ability to produce well-made Piemonte wines is supported by none other than her uncle, Elio Altare, the brother of her mother Adele.

He is known as the ‘God of Barolo’ for his work improving and modernising Barolo in the 1970s and 80s, reinstating its place as a sought-after international product – which beyond all expectations he has succeeded in doing. The essence of his work can be found in Nadia Curto’s wines, which are highly recommended and well-balanced without foregoing the power and shelf life of Barolo.

Nurtured by hand
The house doesn’t use pesticides, instead nurturing plants by hand, working plant by plant and row by row, nurturing each individual plant. The natural yeast found in the harvested grapes is used during production instead of a synthetic type, and the wines are not filtered, thereby retaining a natural rich flavour.

Depicted on the wine labels is a grape leaf, which in the Piedmontese dialect is called ‘La Foia’ and is the hallmark of the wines.

Among the world’s best
Initially described as up-and-coming, the house is swiftly becoming one of the country’s finest producers thanks to, among other things, the Nebbiolo delle Langhe, which has been hailed as one of the best wines in circulation by Wine Spectator. 

From Dolcetto d’Alba to Barbera d’Alba to Nebbiolo delle Langhe, the common threads are succulent wines with  great bodies and structures. The top wines, La Foia Barolo and Barolo Arborina, have the same foundation, but are more full-bodied and powerful.

In Nadia Curto, the house has the perfect manager. She possesses a confident palate, intuition and a great sparring partner in the form of Uncle Elio.


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