Copenhagen Airport to get intelligent advertisement

February 3rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Face detection screens will identify target groups

In the future, when travellers stop to take a look at the advertisement screens at Copenhagen Airport, the screens will be looking back at them too. Literally.

In the coming weeks, around 600 screens will be put up throughout the airport, of which some will have the face-recognition ability that can register information about those passing by for advertisement target group purposes

“This will be the world's leading intelligent airport,” Claus Rothoff Brix, the head of advert film organisation Dansk Reklame Film, told DR Nyheder. ”Nowhere in the world is this being done on this scale.”

Face-detection screens can register the gender of passers-by, evaluate their age group and even register how long they keep their eyes on the screen.

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Tailored adverts
The high-tech screens are connected to the airport's traffic system, which then feeds the screen with data about the travellers. It's not considered surveillance though, as no data is saved.

“When you know that 90 percent of the travellers in the morning are business travellers, and there is a flight heading to London, which is usually a business flight, then we can use the data to target our messages more precisely than before,” Brix said.

“If you are a business traveller, then it's business adverts, while there will be charter adverts for charter travellers.”

It could take a year before the individually-tailored adverts will become a reality because the face-detection system needs to be tested, after which the results will be shown to possible advertisers.


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