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February 13th, 2015

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No matter if you’re happily taken, or the cool unattached sort of taken or single or undecided, Valentine’s Day has turned into the perfect excuse to do something and the best spa in Copenhagen is here to help ensure the perfect Valentine’s Day experience

Twice awarded the AOK ‘Byens Bedste’ prize for the best spa in Copenhagen, Ni’mat Massage & Spa at Hotel Kong Arthur is a must! Whether you’re looking for a romantic wellness stay as a couple or want to join forces with your friends and be pampered, at Ni’mats you have come to the right place. 

The perfect getaway
Between the lakes of Copenhagen and the bustle of the city centre, down a cobblestoned alley and through a heavy oak door, I stepped into what has to be one of the cosiest grand hotel lobbies I’ve seen to date. A beckoning fireplace and comfy sofas immediately made me feel right at home at Kong Arthur. 

The receptionists were not only friendly but down-to-earth, and I loved how the hotel refuses to use keycards but gives out traditional keys with beautiful tags to the rooms. “We do this so the reception gets to say good morning or evening to our guests when they hand in or pick up their keys. We value the relationship to our guests,” the hotel’s CEO and owner, Kristen Brøchner, explained. 

Slowing down the pace
Upon entering the spa, life seemed to slow down instantaneously and I couldn’t help but soak up the calmness of my surroundings like a sponge. While sipping revitalising ginger tea and relaxing in the Oriental Water Temple and Lounge, I realised I would be quite happy if someone told me I was not allowed to leave this place for at least a week.

Authentic Asian decor with deep and soft tones adorning the walls are perfectly combined with fresh Nordic elements – one of these being an ice-bucket shower that (as a former competitive athlete) made my heart skip with joy. 

Ni’mat doesn’t allow more than a maximum of 12 people at a time into the spa to ensure a relaxing atmosphere for its customers, so I only had two ladies stare at me from the hot tub with bewilderment as I marched from the steam room and sauna alternatively to the ice bucket in regular intervals for a spontaneous contrast water 

Recommendations galore
Ni’mat offers a range of outstanding massage and beauty treatments inspired by Asian, especially Indonesian traditions. From deeply relaxing and healing massages to body cleansing in the detox temple, you can get exactly what you need by putting together a signature treatment with the help of your hostess. And you can choose between single or double treatment rooms as well as larger rooms for groups!

If there is one thing I would absolutely recommend it would be to stay the night in one of the spa rooms at Hotel Kong Arthur. Not only does staying in one of these rooms guarantee access to the spa, but the luxurious and soothing interior certainly made me feel like royalty. If you’re going to treat yourself, do it properly!

Addictive scents, lasting calm 
When it comes to products, for Ni’mat ‘only the best is good enough’. In collaboration with three of the world’s leading spa and skincare product brands – Pañpuri, Nordic Amber, and Kalahari Lifestyle – Ni’mat ensures you’ll leave the spa positively glowing. The bath products in the hotel room too left me with an almost intoxicating scent – I will definitely start buying products from its shop. 

Leaving the spa and hotel was like re-emerging into the ‘real world’ from a beautiful dream that had left me replenished with glowing calmness inside. 
I can truly say this place should be on the top of your list for Valentine’s Day treats!

Spa owner Heidi Osterby has brought Asian tradition to Denmark after several long-term journeys to Asia.

Highly skilled physiological masseuses, cosmetologists and beauticians.

In collaboration with leading spa and skincare product brands, Panpuri, Nordic Amber, and Kalahari Lifestyle.

'Byens Bedste' winner for 2013 and 2014.

Treatments from 150 – 2,450 kroner.

Hotel Kong Arthur, Vendersgade 27, Cph K; open Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-18:00; 3315 8955; nimat.dk


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