Flex with Becks week four: HIITing the right note, floating my boat

Becks Kaysen
April 25th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

The pace sees no slacking off as the intensity of the workouts increases

Push, breathe, push, breathe … one more time!


Since Kayser Fitness switched to training at the Vesterbronx gym, I’ve been eyeing up their turf and prowler.

Having something like this at a gym is a major bonus and totally badass, yet I haven’t seen it at many.

It hit me hard
For this week’s workout Kayser made me hit the prowler hard.

Remember, should your gym not have this but you’d still like to do this workout, you can always stop by – you don’t need a gym membership to be able to train at Vesterbronx.

Challenge accepted
The workout was the hardest I have done so far with Kayser, and it was a love-hate relationship from beginning til end.

It only takes 25-30 minutes, so it’s ideal for anyone with a super busy schedule!

Keeping it dynamic
High intensity interval training (HIIT) burns calories like crazy and is much more effective than hours of boring monotone cardio.

Someone would actually have to pay me a lot of money before I take another run on a treadmill.


Diet Tip of the Week: Chocolate Milk for post-workout recovery

Recovery is the window of time when you need to replenish your energy stores after a vigorous workout or activity, and research has shown that chocolate milk is ideal as a recovery drink! And don’t forget that it tastes great (that’s if you like milk and chocolate, and for those who don’t: what’s wrong with you?!)

Refreshing Delicious Chocolate Milk
10 key benefits:
*Fluid and electrolytes for hydration
*Protein source for muscle repair
*Carbohydrate source to replenish energy stores for the next practice
*Chocolate in the milk boosts the carbohydrate supplied to your muscles and liver
*For some athletes, it may be easier to tolerate a beverage, as opposed to food, shortly after a workout
*Replenishes necessary vitamins
*Boosts your calcium and vitamin D intake, which is important for bone strength
*Low cost replenishing option
*Often available in the school cafeteria
*Quick and potentially portable


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