Copenhagen traffic wardens to become tour guides

May 11th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

From parking tickets to restaurant advice, this is one hell of an image makeover

“That’ll be 800 kroner and Tivoli is that way.” (Photo: heb)

Some Copenhagen parking wardens will soon be taking on an extra role as tourist guides, guiding visitors through the city while continuing to hand out fines for illegally-parked cars.

The idea has sparked a pilot project to put the knowledge of the city’s wardens to good use by getting them to help out tourists.

“We would like to give tourists an even better service when they visit Copenhagen,” said Thomas Jakobsen, the head of the municipality’s culture and leisure management.

“It should be easy for tourists to get the information they need, so we have asked traffic wardens to share their knowledge of the city and its attractions or just to help out lost tourists.”

Positive reputation
Jes Øksnebjerg, the managing director at Center Parkering, said he hoped the program would help improve the reputation of parking wardens.

“The attendants are a group of professionals who are not always greeted with smiles,” said Øksnebjerg. “So when there is a chance for a different type of citizen contact, employees respond positively.”

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The program will kick off with 11 wardens wearing ‘ASK ME’ signs. Should the project prove successful, it will continue into 2016 and more wardens will be included.


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