DK among top 10 ‘do-good’ countries in the world

Pia Marsh
July 8th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Denmark ranks ninth on the 2015 Good Country Index

Ireland, Finland and Switzerland took out the first three positions (photo: Tsca)

Denmark has placed ninth in a new study that measures countries based solely on what opportunities they provide to the world around them.

Political advisor Simon Anholt and Robert Govers, a lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management, created the Good Country Index to measure how much ‘good’ one country contributes based on a range of factors.

Anholt has established seven criteria for ‘good’ in the rankings: science and technology; culture, peace and security; world order; the planet and climate; prosperity and equality; health; and quality of life.

“What is new about this list is that it measures a country’s actual contribution to the world, rather than simply a country’s reputation or happiness,” Martin Marcussen, a professor of political science at Copenhagen University, told Videnskab.dk.

The top ten is as follows:

1. Ireland
2. Finland
3. Switzerland
4. Netherlands
5. New Zealand
6. Sweden
7. United Kingdom
8. Norway
9. Denmark
10. Belgium

You can read more about the study at GoodCountry.org


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