University of Copenhagen to be part of European health elite

Christian Wenande
August 28th, 2015

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KU to join the European strategic alliance ‘Health Axis Europe’

The University of Copenhagen (KU) has revealed it will become part of the European strategic alliance ‘Health Axis Europe’ that co-operates across Europe’s borders in order to improve the ability to compete within innovation in the health sector.

The alliance consists of health clusters in England (Cambridge Biomedical Campus), Belgium (Leuven University), the Netherlands (Brightlands Consortium in Maastricht) and Germany (BioRN Network).

“Like the other clusters in Health Axis Europe, Copenhagen represents one of the most important frameworks for biomedical innovation in Europe,” said Christian Tidona, the managing director of the BioRN Network in Heidelberg.

“Based on our most recent joint successes in the EIT Health consortium, I look forward to more trans-European projects that will actively contribute to promote health research and innovation in Europe.”

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Delighted dean
Health Axis Europe was created in 2011 for the purpose of facilitating and co-ordinating EU-financed research and development co-operations.

Moreover, the alliance supports the education of talented researchers and works with investment and venture initiatives across Europe.

“I’m delighted about this agreement and see huge benefits being a partner in such a unique international forum,” said Ulla Wewer, the dean of KU.

“This deal is a value-generating result of KU’s internationalisation and focus on relations and networks within health innovation.”


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