Danish Justice Ministry proposes longer sentences for rape convictions

October 23rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Proposal would result in an extra year of imprisonment added to standard sentences

Yesterday the Justice Ministry proposed toughening up punishments for those who sexually abuse children. Today Søren Pind, the justice minister, is sending a law proposal to Parliament that would increase the penalty for rape.

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Currently the sentence typically handed down in rape cases is two and a half years – in particularly violent cases, longer sentences are possible. The new proposal would increase the standard sentence by a year.

The last increase took place in 2002 and Pind contended that another increase was long overdue.

“Rape is a violent, offensive assault and it is therefore important that we as a society punish the perpetrator in such a way as to clearly place the responsibility where it belongs and show how serious the offence is. We do not do that sufficiently today,” he said.

“Since the government took up office I have been saying that the punishment for rape should be increased, and I am now satisfied that we can propose a significant tightening. I hope I will get broad backing to carry out the first increase in sentencing for rape in 13 years.”

The proposal would also increase the penalty for false accusations of rape from 20 days imprisonment to 30 days.


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