Decoding the migrant crisis with little Omar

Nanna Østerby
April 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Omar just wants to fit in, but it is not as easy as it seems (Photo: folketeatret.dk)

Kids live in bubbles, don’t they! But even they might have noticed that something pretty momentous is going on right now. So, why not introduce them to the ongoing migrant crisis, but in a gentle fashion through humour and lively music.

Fra mig til dig (From me to you) is performed in Danish, but given that it’s suitable for three-year-olds, next to little knowledge of the language will be needed to enjoy it. And besides, aren’t your kids already more conversant than you are?!

Folketeatret Snoreloft is performing this charming and delightful little theatre piece for children on its stage in the centre of Copenhagen.

The performance is about a boy called Omar who is really well liked in his town, but one day he has to leave for a foreign country with his family.

We follow Omar’s experiences back in his home country, where he amongst other people meets the hilarious burka ladies and a sneaky carpet dealer.

Later Omar comes to Denmark where everything is different. The market is now called Netto and he has to go to kindergarten every day.

The theatre show Fra mig til dig is a story about fitting in. Told with humour and catchy music, it could be the best 35 minutes your children spend this month as they laugh themselves silly but learn about a topical theme of today.


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