World’s elite students hit Copenhagen

Annual Urban Culture in Theory and Action summer school has kicked off

Over the next couple of weeks, 45 of the world’s top university students will descend upon the Danish capital to take part in the Urban Culture in Theory and Action summer school.

The students, who hail from 19 different nations and study at top universities such as Yale, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, Oxford, Singapore, Tokyo and Cape Town, will use Copenhagen as a lab from August 8-20 to help springboard urban development across the planet’s cities.

“During this summer school, the students will be immersed in critical urban theory and practical approaches to urban ethnography, drawing from a broad range of excellent research at three faculties of the University of Copenhagen (KU),” the KU wrote.

“The aim of the course is to cultivate knowledge of the relationship between urban and social and political change today. Students will develop a general skill in applying urban theory from the humanities and the social sciences on cases from urban societies across the world.”

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Taking to the streets
The summer school aims to combine academic knowledge with practical experience from a DIY philosophy that will bring the universities on to the streets and vice versa.

The summer school is organised by KU in co-operation with Strøm Festival and Kulturhavn365, including the Nordea Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality.

It’s also supported by the prestigious university co-operation International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).