Demand outstripping the willingness of Copenhagen drivers to share their cars

Ben Hamilton
September 30th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Special offer enables drivers to rent a car for 1 kroner a month – providing they rent it out on a number of certain days

When they called it SnappCar … (photo: Tim Patterson)

Hiring a car off a fellow Copenhagener via the car sharing service SnappCar is increasing in popularity, but the number of those making their vehicles available is struggling to keep pace, reports pressport.com.

Before the summer break, SnappCar had one ‘owner’ for every four drivers, but that number has now increased to five.

Just 1 kroner per month
SnappCar is accordingly encouraging more drivers to rent cars from lease companies and then to sublet them to cover almost their entire cost.

ALD Automotive, for example, has an insurance-included deal with SnappCar that enables somebody to rent one of its cars for as little as 1 kroner a month, providing they make the vehicle available to others on a certain amount of days.

Elusive city centre folk
“Many more are discovering how easy it is to rent a car-share,” SnappCars spokesperson Anders Vincent Jacobsen told pressport.com.

“Car owners in Copenhagen city centre are particularly difficult to get, so it might be nice to get more of them.”

SnappCar arranges meetups where ‘owners’ can exchange experiences. The next once is taking place tomorrow (October 1) at 2 pm in Taastrup (ALD Automotive, Helgeshøj Alle 34) where Cook With a Local will aptly be in charge of food and refreshments.

Occasional car use competitor
SnappCar is not the only company in Copenhagen that caters to occasional car use.

LetsGo has 180 cars placed strategically around the city that are ready to be used by its members.

However, a similar company, Car2go, decided to close its business in Copenhagen in early 2016 after 17 months of disappointing results.


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