Five arrested in wake of massive amateur football brawl

Christian Wenande
October 6th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Referee and opposition attacked in Albertslund last month

Banned and demoted (photo: FC Albertslund)

The police announced today that it arrested five people in connection with a mass brawl that took place during a lower-league match between FC Albertslund and Hundige BK last month in the western suburbs of Copenhagen.

Among those arrested were two players, one coach and two spectators, all from the home side FC Albertslund.

“We are pleased to have arrested the five suspects and hope the public will assist us in getting the sixth unidentified assailant,” said Kåre Laustsen, the police commissioner of the Western Suburb Police.

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Banned and relegated
The drama kicked off on September 17 when the referee and players from Hundige were attacked by FC Albertslund’s players, coaches and supporters.

Aside from the arrests, FC Albertslund has been banned from playing for the rest of the season and will be relegated four divisions.


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