Early February Music: Before boybands came…

Leslie Hawener
January 27th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.


Feb 4, 20:00; Kulturhuset Islands Brygge; 175kr
Nobody can dispute that German cult band Boytronic have a colourful history. Founders Peter Sawatzki and Holger Wobker honed their craft at sex shows in Hamburg’s red light district, Reeperbahn.

And then in the late 1980s, their management claimed ownership of their name and with a new line-up redefined elevator music with a series of covers, including a ludicrously conceived ‘I Will Survive’.

The original band returned after a lengthy hiatus in 2002, by which time Sawatzki had killed himself after getting cancer and Wobker had to be rescued from a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.

Expect hits like ‘You’ and some songs from their new album. And don’t forget to dress in black – it’s compulsory.



Feb 2, 20:00 & Feb 3, 21:00; Amager Bio; 320kr
Exactly 20 years after his debut album, Regnskabet Time, the Danish rapper is back from a long break. Credited with playing a significant role in the development of Danish rap, he co-founded Die Dumme Dänen in 2005.



Feb 8, 20:00; Amager Bio; 275kr
Founded in 1993, Swedish power-metal quintet Hammerfall are well-known for embracing melodies and harmonies in their sound. They are bringing their newly-released 10th (!!!) album Built to Last to share it with us.


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