Out and About: Quelle diversité at French theatre festival at International School Odense

Leslie Hawener    March 4th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

The French Theatre Festival presenting ‘Un homme de couleur’ (all photos: Vernon Jones)

In early February, the French department of the International School Odense organised a French theatre festival in collaboration with the Institut Francais, which is located in Copenhagen.

The event was for Danish and international students from all over Denmark to present various short scenes in the beautiful language.

The French flags were out in force as an atmosphere of bonhomie (top centre) descended on the venue, and the children were encouraged to “Marchons, marchons!”

The children who had the courage to present their talent linguistique on stage did a heck of a job – particularly as most of them treading the boards were not speaking their mother tongue.

Children of all ages participated, playing a number of diverse roles, including a Viking, a smurf  – who were originally created in Belgium – and one of many represented animals, such as mice, frogs or snakes – quelle diversité!

The important topic of tolerance was also touched on during the short scene ‘Un homme de couleur’.

In general, the French Theatre Festival was a great opportunity for the little ones to practise their skills in a environnement formidable.

Applaudissement pour les jeunes!

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