Concert review: Tory Lanez not toned down by international success

Eric Maganga
March 28th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.


Tory Lanez (photo: The Come Up Show/ flickr.com)

On Monday March 27, burgeoning Canadian rapper/singer Tory Lanez hit Store Vega – his second performance on Danish soil in as many years. While the catalogue of hits has grown larger, his wild antics were in a word ‘rambunctious’, and luckily for him he left unscathed.

Tory Lanez in action (photo: Eric Maganga)

The show featured a heavy dose of crowd-surfing and ended with his leaping into the air and climbing into the expensive seats in Vega on this evening.

New Toronto for the Chix
Lanez has found success with his smash single ‘Luv’ thanks to heavy airplay on Danish radio.

Following his album ‘I Told You’ on which the song is featured, he has not slowed down the stream of music. His double release of two free independent projects, Chixtape 4 and The New Toronto 2, seems to have been part of the draw for fans who knew the tracks and sang along energetically.

He came out to ‘Anyway’ and the penultimate performance was ‘Dopeman Go’, both brand new releases that have recently received accompanying music videos. After doing a quick poll of who could get the loudest (ladies versus fellas), Tory broke out his version of the hit Drake single ‘Controlla’.

Showcasing the singing chops
As many do these days, Lanez combines singing and rapping. When it was time to “take it to another level”, as he told the crowd, he performed a song that showcased both sides of his talent: ‘Litty’ by Meek Mill. The crowd approved and responded by going as crazy as they had been all night.

At the same time, his rendition of ‘I Need A Girl’ made him ask for the mic stand so he could stand in place and sing. Boy is he a vocal talent in person.

The night’s largest reaction was for his breakout hit ‘Say It’, which once again highlighted his talent as a singer. He also did a rendition of R Kelly’s ‘Bump N’ Grind’ in which he romantically propositioned women and welcomed them to his tour bus.

More of the same?
If you’ve caught a Tory Lanez show before, you will recognise the crowd-surfing and climbing antics, but this time he backed it up with a stronger collection of songs.

While ‘Say It’, which was already out last time he stopped by Denmark, was still arguably the biggest highlight, it was great hearing the new stuff as well. Following this entertaining Monday evening, we can only expect Tory Lanez’s star to continue growing.


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