Culture News in Brief: Another mermaid decapitated – this time in Kolding

Ben Hamilton
August 22nd, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

In other news, Culture Club and Walking with Dinosaurs are visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen can no longer claim to have the only mermaid sculpture that has lost its head on occasion.

Søhavfruen, a recent addition to the seafront in Kolding in central Jutland, last night had its head removed.

Locals had complained via social media that it was fat, and one commenter suggested she should be “thrown back into the water so she could get some exercise”.

Gammel Dansk for information!
The artist Erik Valter was apparently delighted with the reception.

“That’s why I made it that way,” he told BT. “That was the whole purpose. We are not all perfect.”

Valter then told TV Syd that he had a bottle of Gammel Dansk for whoever could help relocate the mermaid’s head.

Why bother with archives, when you’ve got the internet, says author
Mich Vraa, a novelist who has just released the third of his series of novels based in the Danish West Indies, has confessed he doesn’t research old archives to source his background material, as he’d rather do it all online. “I don’t have the patience,” he told DR ahead of the release of ‘Faith’, which is set on the island of St. Thomas, which in 1918 (thanks internet!) was sold by Denmark to the US. “You can find the most incredible things on the internet. And besides, the entire West Indies archive is digitalised. I’m good at looking at pictures and dreaming into this world. It would be a waste of my time to sit and review old papers.

Dogs of the world unite!
The theme of this year’s ‘Dog’s Day at Tivoli’, which is scheduled to take place at the themepark on August 26, is ‘Dogs from all over the world’. In line with Tivoli’s 175-year birthday celebration theme ‘The whole world meets in Tivoli’, its doors open to the dogs at 11:00. Most of this year’s event will revolve around a special canine agility course.

‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ strolling back after seven years away
The spectacular touring event ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ is returning to Denmark, this time to set up shop at Royal Arena from May 10-12. Since its inaugural year in 2007, some 9 million people in 250 cities have seen the show, which boasts 15-18 life-size dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is 11 metres high and 17 metres long. It previously visited Denmark in 2009 and 2012. Tickets start at 270 kroner and go on sale on Monday August 27 at 10:00 via  livenation.dk and ticketmaster.dk.

Boy George and Culture Club coming to Forum this December
Few singers have outgrown their bands as quickly and effectively as Boy George and Culture Club, the 1981-founded outfit he left in 1986 to go solo after they had conquered the US charts. But like so many bands of that era, and pretty much every era, they’re back together (since 2014; this is their sixth reunion in fact), and on December 7 they will be appearing at Forum Black Box. Tickets cost 495 kroner and go on sale on August 27 at 10:00 via livenation.dk and ticketmaster.dk.




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