Learning Danish whilst networking and connecting with like-minded internationals

Dave Smith
November 9th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

Studieskolen’s ‘Spouse Connect’ courses are tailor-made for partners of relocating workers who are also looking for employment

Danish language courses can be a little general at times. We’ve all been there, looking at a textbook page crammed with an extraordinary range of stationary items.

“Does anyone use a hole-puncher anymore,” you internally scream, as Juan from Brazil mispronounces the Danish equivalent for the umpteenth time.

Tailor-made for spouses looking for work
Fortunately though, and possibly in light of the increased competition brought about by the decision to no longer offer internationals free classes, the Studieskolen language school, in collaboration with Welcome Group Consulting, is wising up to the need to tailor-make some of their classes.

‘Spouse Connect’ is not just a language course – it’s a means to meet similarly-situated expats and network and mingle.

18 classes over six weeks 
Over six weeks, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning or afternoon, it will teach you a whole language level whilst connecting you with other spouses – the term the industry likes to use to describe the partners of skilled workers who relocate to Denmark.

As well as the language tuition, the course will help its participants with finding a job – most particularly with writing a CV and application in Danish – and provide career coaching.

Already from November 19
Very often, new arrivals to Denmark find that they have to wait a while before they can start a language course.

But this particular course starts on Monday November 19 and there are currently a number of places available, but you will need to be quick.

Read more about it and sign up here.




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