Go-ahead given to Denmark’s biggest land wind turbine park

Stephen Gadd
December 14th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

The drive towards greener energy continues with the opening of a new park at a site by Limfjord in Jutland

The new turbines will supplement the 13 already at Nørrekær Enge (photo: Staunited)

The municipal authorities in Aalborg and Vesthimmerland have given their approval to a new wind turbine park to be sited at Nørrekær Enge by the Limfjord in the northwest of Jutland.

The park will house 36 wind turbines up to 150 metres in height that will be erected by the energy company Vattenfall. There are already 13 turbines in the area.

Towards a greener future
Hans Henriksen, a local councillor from the town and country planning committee in Aalborg Municipality, expressed his satisfaction with the decision.

“There’s been a high degree of involvement by local people in the decision, and the project sets new standards for local ownership and interaction with the community,” he said.


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