Local News in Brief: Viking bridge-building in the footsteps of Harald Bluetooth

Ben Hamilton
February 18th, 2019

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In other news, vegans have been street walking in the memory of the Unknown Animals

And now you want to knock it down? (photo: kroppedal.dk)

The Vikings aren’t well known for their bridges. Longboats – certainly. Axes, pillaging and Valhalla as well. But bridges! Ask the average contestant on ‘Family Fortunes’, and that answer will get a big “UH-UH”.

Harald Blåtand (Harald Bluetooth) was something of a bridge-builder, courtesy of introducing Christianity to Denmark (sure, it’s disputed, but give the guy a break).

And it turns out he literally built them as well – case in point: a 800 metre-long, five metre-wide effort at Store Vejleå.

Nobody knows why. And in the end, it stood for just ten years before the king decided to tear it down.

Learn some serious Viking skills
But that hasn’t put off a group of Viking Age aficionados from taking on the challenge of rebuilding the bridge in the Greater Copenhagen suburb – work that they hope to finish by the end of the year, providing they can recruit enough volunteers.

Strictly using only tools and techniques from the era, the bridge (slightly shorter at 700 metres long) will link the Viking village in Albertslund Municipality to Kroppedal Museum in Høje-Taastrup Municipality.

Two years after it began, the construction is ahead of schedule, but still reliant of volunteers.

Anyone interested in learning the ancient crafts should meet at the museums on Tuesday evenings. The next get-together is at 16:00 on March 12.

Dudes to close in some style this Saturday
Dudes, the Vesterbro-based craft beer and pizza establishment, has confirmed its last day of business will be Saturday February 23.  Located on Vesterbro Torv, many internationals and Danes have flocked to the establishment since it opened just over 12 months ago. With 24 beers on tap and a friendly vibe, there was much to like. “Tis with the utmost Dudely regret that an awesome, but short era of dudelyness has come to an end and we have to shut our doors,” the bar’s website explained. “Saturday the 23rd will be our last day and we want to invite all of you to help us go out with a blast. So no tears just laughs with your beer and pizza. It has been a pleasure serving you and you’re all dudes and dudettes in our book. Now let’s empty out those kegs!”

‘Rick and Morty’ star cartoonist to attend Copenhagen Comics
Copenhagen Comics has confirmed that David Angelo Roman, a major contributor to the popular cartoon sitcom ‘Rick and Morty’, will be attending its event at Øksnehallen this weekend (Feb 23-24). His appearance will provide a nice taster of the fourth season of the sci-fi comedy, which will be shown on Netflix Denmark later this year. This will be the eighth edition of the biennial festival, which features lectures, workshops, panel discussions and that all-important chance to get your comics signed by the creators who make them.

Vegans take to the streets for the funeral of the Unknown Animals
A vegan march was on Saturday held on Strøget, the main walking street in Copenhagen, to draw attention to the role that meat consumption plays in climate change. Hundreds took to the street carrying placards with the message: “Dine madvaner, min død” (your eating habits, my death). And several of the participants carried a coffin dedicated to the “ukendte dyr” (unknown animals) who have died in the service of humankind.

All photos: Bev Lloyd-Roberts

All photos: Bev Lloyd-Roberts

All photos: Bev Lloyd-Roberts



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