Mayoral candidate withdraws due to “unhealthy city council culture”

Christian Brøns refused to name names but suggested that TV 2 has some old footage that supports his claims

Venstre’s mayoral candidate Christian Brøns has resigned in the lead-up to local elections, citing an unhealthy culture in the city council.

Brøns, who represents Randers municipality, refused to elaborate, arguing “it’s not a fight I need to throw myself into.” He suggested however that previous TV2 press coverage had touched on the issues. “TV2 has covered Randers for a number of years, so I’m sure you can find some old sound clips and video clips where it is clear,” he said.

Poor work environment
TV2 has previously investigated claims that Randers city council offers a poor work environment and that meetings can have “a harsh tone”.

“I have an ambition to make positive changes in my political work but in this case, with the abilities I possess, I simply can’t. So I was forced to ask myself whether I should continue to be a part of something unhealthy… and the answer is no,” said Brøns.

Brøns will retain all current council responsibilities until the end of his term.