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Three fun activities to do in the Christmas break

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December 15th, 2021

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Christmas is coming up, and that also means Christmas break. While christmas break is supposed to be a nice change to relax with friends and family, people with children will tell you that is not always the case. It can quickly become some very long days if you have multiple children and do not have any fun activities planned. Therefore, it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Now, you are maybe wondering what could be some good activities to do? We have made a guide with free fun activities to do in the christmas break with your children. 

Visit a museum
You may be thinking that visiting a museum is a terrible idea if you have children, and they will just end up being bored and impossible all day. But that does not have to happen. You just need to choose the right museum that is also going to be fun and interesting for children. A good museum to visit with your children is Energimuseet, because they have designed the museum so it is especially fun for children. As an example they have made it easy to understand for children and they have made special activities aimed at children. Therefore, you are guaranteed a fun trip if you go there. Another plus with a museum’s trip is that it is going to be indoors and the weather is not always nice this time of the year. 

A day outside
If the weather does decide to be nice one day, then a day in the forest is a great activity for children and parents. It does not have to be anywhere fancy, it can just be a trip to the nearest forest or beach. It is always lovely to take a walk in nature this time of the year. If it happens to be snowing then a great idea would be to take a snow day, where the children can have fun in the snow. 

A movie day
Sometimes the weather is just terrible for a whole week, and nobody wants to be outside, when the weather is terrible. However, that does not mean that you can not do any fun activities inside. A great activity is to have a movie day. Then the whole family can choose a movie, and you can all spend a day watching movies and eating snacks. This is guaranteed to be a great day, and children love it.  


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