Danish News Round-Up: Health authority not waiting for EMA clearance to make corona pill available

Elsewhere, Crown Princess Mary and Nye Borgerlige leader Pernille Vermund are among the latest VIPs to become infected

The Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority is not waiting for clearance from the European Medicines Agency to approve a new pill that it believes can lessen the symptoms of corona provided it is taken in good time.

Sundhedsstyrelsen advises anyone who has registered a positive test to contact their GP. It is critical they start taking the pills within five days of any symptoms.

Is there a risk? We don’t know!
“We recommend the tablet treatment because we believe that the benefits of being treated outweigh the disadvantages for those patients who have the greatest risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19,” reasoned a Sundhedsstyrelsen manager, Kirstine Moll Harboe.

“We expect that the treatment will help to reduce the number of patients who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill. At the same time, we are fully aware that it is a new and unapproved treatment that we do not yet have much knowledge about. That is why we follow the treatment closely until we get more knowledge.”

One in five victims of violence claim it was a hate crime
Every fifth victim of violence has indicated it was a hate crime, according to a new Ministry of Justice survey. Hate crimes includes crimes related to racism, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs. There are between 8,300 and 15,100 every year. 

Patrick Nielsen convicted of violence against ex-girlfriend
Former professional boxer Patrick Nielsen has been sentenced to a year in prison for aggravated violence and threats against his ex-girlfriend. The court heard how he pressed his shoe against the woman’s neck until she fainted.

Political majority in favour of Støjberg losing her seat in Parliament
The former immigration and integration minister, Inger Støjberg, who was earlier this week found guilty of illegally separating young asylum-seeking couples, has no parliamentary future, it would appear. A political majority is in favour of finding her unworthy to continue as a MP. Støjberg served as the immigration and integration minister from 2015-2019. 

Crown Princess Mary has coronavirus
The Royal House has confirmed that Crown Princess Mary has COVID-19 infection. It is not the first time that a member of her immediate family has tested positive, as her eldest son, Prince Christian, tested positive in December 2020. 

Over a hundred illegal minks killed
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has been forced to cull 126 illegal mink found on a west Jutland farm located near Thyholm. Mink breeding might be able to resume in 2023, but has been ruled out until then.

Nye Borgerlige leader Pernille Vermund hit by corona
The HOPE project survey recently revealed that supporters of Nye Borgerlige were the least likely to be vaccinated, with 21 percent certain they would not get jabbed. Fortunately, party leader Pernille Vermund has been vaccinated, as it has been confirmed today that she has corona. 

Danish citizen shot dead in Malmö was known in criminal circles
A Danish citizen, known among criminal circles, has been shot dead in Malmö. The shooting was in a residential area in Bunkeflostrand, which is quite close to the Øresund Bridge. “There are many indications that he was on his way to his car and was shot in the parking lot,” explained Claes-Arne Hermansson, who is heading the investigation, to SVT. Danish and Swedish forces are working closely at the moment on a number of cases with links to both countries’ gang worlds.

Teaching hit by corona more than any other industry
At no time during the Corona Crisis has an industry been so severely affected by infection as is the case among teachers right now, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut. Almost 2,400 tested positive in the Week 49 (Dec 6-12). 

Turning wind energy into hydrogen
The government is investing 1.25 billion kroner in technology to convert energy from wind turbines into climate-friendly hydrogen to power container ships, planes and trucks. However, despite the government’s ambition, DTU department head Søren Linderoth has told TV2 he does not think the project will be easy. 

IT giant reported to police after TV 2 & Danwatch revelations
An expose by TV2 and Danwatch claims that IT giant Systematic has been exporting military software to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain via its British subsidiary. The police are believed to be considering an investigation. Systematic has denied accusations in a written response to TV2. 

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