Immigration slowing down in Denmark since the start of the pandemic

Armelle Delmelle
February 11th, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Majority of new arrivals are from Europe, with Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy and Spain leading the way

Airport Arrivals

Fewer foreigners have been moving to Denmark since the pandemic started (photo: Harm Jakob Tolsma/Pexels)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, both immigration to Denmark and emigration out of Denmark has slowed down of late.

Even though immigration last year increased by 19 percent compared to 2020, the numbers since the pandemic have not been this low since 2013.

The number of emigrating Danes and foreigners has also plummeted since the beginning of the pandemic.

Who is coming to live in Denmark?
European countries accounted for the lion’s share of the people who moved to Denmark in 2021, with Romania (6,826), Poland (4,837), Germany (4,837), Italy (3,292) and Spain (2,514) leading the way.

All of those countries hit new highs last year.

The average age of people coming to Denmark also increased. In 1991, foreigners the average was 26.4 for men and 24.8 for women.

In 2021, this increased to 29.7 and 27.5 respectively.

Graph showing from wich countries immigrants are

This graph shows where the immigrants to Denmark have been coming from. In order: Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania and Sweden (Danmarks Statistik)


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