Roskilde 2022: Heading home with a sore head, feeling like the undead and longing for their bed!

Serge Savin
July 5th, 2022

Copenhagen Post asked three festival goers about their experiences at this year’s Roskilde Festival

It was great to be back, concurred the three Roskilde Festival revellers we spoke to, as they were leaving the camping ground over the weekend.

They all picked out different highlights, both on stage and at the festival in general.

Of them loved the vibes they encountered during the rain, another digged the art.

But if there was one matter they were in complete agreement about: it’s how much they’ve been sorely missing their bed!

Marcus Jørgensen

Has this year after the pandemic been different than other years?
Last time I went was in 2019, and it’s amazing being back after three whole years without the festival. Luckily the vibe has very much been the same as before the pandemic. I stayed in C, where not a lot has changed, but a major difference is that most of the camping area has been booked by people. Things were more organised and less chaotic. I actually like it – probably because I have become older in the last three years as well, so now I want things to be more under control.

What were your best musical experiences?
Haim was definitely the best. It completed my Roskilde when they played on the last night. I’d been fighting through the whole week to stand there Saturday night – and luckily they delivered big time with a great concert.

What experiences outside of the music program stood out for you this year?
Camp Bæstet (The Beast) in Dream City has been having great rave parties. And one day when it rained we had to seek refuge under some random pavilion where we had to stick around for hours. Luckily we were surrounded by good people and we just started partying together for the next four hours. That was truly a moment that captured the essence of Roskilde.

What are you looking forward to about going home?
First I want to get a long shower and then lie down in my bed, look at my computer and then sleep for a long time.

Andreas Hansen

Has this year after the pandemic been different than other years?
I’ve been here every year since 1988 except for the pandemic break, and it has been amazing coming back. The last few years I’ve felt that the music program has become worse and worse with all that pop. And it looked particularly bad this year, but I had already bought the ticket, so I just decided to go anyway. But luckily everything has been perfect – and I will never again consider not going to Roskilde. The atmosphere has been great and positive – and there seems to be less of those hardcore camps with huge DJ-towers that compete to outplay each other.

What were your best musical experiences?
I mostly just wandered between concerts and saw a lot of acts I didn’t know beforehand – and that was a super good experience that you can only really have at a festival like this. I was worried that it would be all pop when I looked at the acts, but everything ended up really good. Sierra Ferrel stand out because they are folk – and it that genre there aren’t a lot of musical surprises, so the voices really have to stand out. And they did.

What experiences outside of the music program stood out for you this year?
Mostly just randomly running into old friends out here. That always happens – and it feels great.

What are you looking forward to about going home?
It’s gonna be a long trip to Jutland, but when I get there I look forward to having wooden floors instead of soil under my feet – and my bed too of course.

Sabina Hvass

Has this year after the pandemic been different than other years?
I chose a quieter, cleaner option this year which has been great. Other than that, things are just like normal. I’ve been here for 13 years in a row and at that point you know what’s gonna happen. But even ‘normal’ is impressive after three years away.

What were your best musical experiences?
My last concert, Saturday Surfboard, was great. They had amazing energy – it was punk and people made a mosh pit. Fantastic end to a good festival year.

What experiences outside of the music programme stand out to you this year?
For me the art was great. In particular the piece outside Gloria where you can read a rape story by someone raped in a tent at Roskilde Festival. A lot of people walk by that area, but there was always a handful of people reading it and having a moment.

What are you looking forward to about going home?
My bed. I have had a terrible sleeping mat that lost all of its air during the night. So I had exactly 45 minutes to fall asleep before that happened. Luckily that doesn’t happen with my bed.


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