Supermarket prices set for another jump

Benedicte Vagner
August 23rd, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

It may first be in 2023 that we see any drop in supermarket prices as energy prices rise

Supermarkets affected by rise in prices (photo: Nillerdk)

Supermarket prices are expected to increase again despite recent falls in freight rates and fuel prices.

Citing record-high energy prices, supermarket chains and food producers say they have no other choice.

Soaring electricity prices
Salling Group, the owner of Netto, Bilka and Føtex, has reported that its electricity bill has increased from 12 million kroner a month to 110-150 million kroner.

Similarly, Coop, the owner of Fakta, Coop 365 Discount, Kvickly and Irma, has seen a tripling in the price of its electricity bill.

Nearing the end
However, according to Henning Otte Hansen from the University of Copenhagen, prices are likely peaking. For example, the price of wheat has already fallen by 30 percent on the world market, he told BT.

The fall in prices will most likely be seen in 2023 and only be seen in small measures.


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