Denmark a top seed for Euro 2024 qualifiers

Christian Wenande
September 26th, 2022

The Danes missed out on the Nations League finals, but the win against France last night sees them seeded first in the Euro 2024 draw next month

A good chance for an easier road to Germany (photo: UEFA)

Denmark’s 2-0 win over France in Parken Stadium last night wasn’t quite enough to see them progress to the Nations League finals. 

Croatia ended up topping the group by beating Austria 3-1 away. 

But the win did cement Denmark’s position as a top seed for the upcoming Euro 2024 qualification draw next month.

As a top seed, Denmark will avoid big guns like Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium – though they can still draw France or England, who following some disappointing results are now second seeds.

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The road to Germany
However, Denmark could also potentially draw much easier opposition and a ‘dream group’ could look like this:

Faroe Islands

San Marino

Of course, that wouldn’t be very exciting for neutral fans who ultimately want to see a good game, but a tough draw could still happen. 

Should it all go wrong in the draw, a potential ‘nightmare group’ could resemble something like this:


There are still a few games remaining in the Nations League, which concludes this week, so some of the seedings could change a little.

The Euro 2024 draw will take place on October 9 and the tournament itself will be held in Germany from 14 June – 14 July 2024.


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