Copenhagen rated among best cities in the world for public transport

Global city guide Time Out ranked the Danish capital fourth overall, thanks to 93 percent of locals indicating it was easy to get around

Among those stuck in queues driving to work this morning, perhaps there were some contemplating whether public transport might be a better option.  

And with good reason – at least according to city guide publisher Time Out, which has ranked Copenhagen as among the best cities in the world for public transport.

Time Out ranked the Danish capital fourth overall, behind top guns Berlin, Tokyo and Prague.

“Public transport in Copenhagen holds up its end of the bargain, with a reliable system of trains, buses and waterbuses whizzing folks around all day long,” wrote Time Out.

“You can pay for everything with one ticket: the Copenhagen Card covers public transport across the entire city. No wonder 93 percent of locals said it was easy to get around.”

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Asian cities score high
Time Out also lauded Copenhagen for its stylishness and impressive list of restaurants, museums and craft beer venues.

Stockholm followed Copenhagen in fifth, while the remainder of the top 10 was made up by Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Amsterdam.

To compile the list, Time Out surveyed over 20,000 residents in more than 50 cities.

Check out the list here.