Inge Støjberg revives business career to fight for Danish values

Former immigration and integration minister is nobody’s skivvy

The relationship between Jakob Ellemann-Jensen and Inger Støjberg was never a happy one (photo: Støjberg’s official Facebook page)
February 15th, 2021 1:18 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Inger Støjberg, who resigned as deputy leader of Venstre earlier this month, remains an MP for now, but that has not stopped her from reviving the consultancy business she closed down in 2001, reports

Formerly known as ‘Støjberg Kommunikation V/ Inger Støjberg’ (of which the acronym closely resembled the English word ‘skivvy’ – a female servant who undertakes menial tasks), the MP has renamed it ‘Inger Støjberg – Til kamp for danske værdier’ (IS – to fight for Danish values).

ISTKFDV doesn’t lend itself to any kind of pun whatsoever, and IS is already taken, sadly. 

Passing shot for a Venstre without values
“Everyone knows that I spend my waking hours fighting for Danish values,” she explained to the financial news outlet.

“I used to do this with Venstre, but there was no longer enough room for that fight in the party.”

In other words, she was sick of being asked by Venstre leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen to be his skivvy and distance herself from her harsh reign as immigration and integration minister under the last government. 

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